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PuaQua The New Way of Living and Being

Authentic Nepal


PuaQua, Introducing  Eco To Fashion.

PuaQua is an Australian Based Company with its Roots in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.The Brand Name comes from the language of the indigenous mountain people who first produced the cloth out of the Himalayan Giant Nettle ( Allo ).The Brand name combines two words " Pua " meaning " Himalayan Giant Nettle" and "Qua" meaning Attire, Making PuaQua.

This is not just a Label, It is a Legacy. PuqQua products are the next generation of a process that has been on going since ancient times.Now, it is enhanced and improved to fit the style and elegance of today's world without forgetting the Paramount of the Past.


Yes, It is very Eco Friendly.It has numerous health Benefits such as Controlling Blood Pressure,Easing Headache,soothing skin allergies and more.

The Natutal fibres of the plant are hollow which allows to accumulate inside creating natural insulation.

The most Brilliant characterstics of this fabric which is the personal  testament of our first few " Human Trials "  -  PuaQua Keeps you WARM in the WINTER and COOL in the SUMMER.

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"Change is the essential process of all Existence". So join the movement and be this first Few to Introduce " ECO To Fashion ".


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