ONE FOR ALL | Journey Towards Oneness

ONE FOR ALL | Journey Towards Oneness

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Purpose of Life Nature of Brahman ( Universe ) has always puzzled and dazzled mankind. We offer not to teach or preach but to guide a soul seeking light, the path towards self realization while maintaining a healthy and prosperous daily Life.

The first step is to see,feel and realize the  veil  is ignorance; and when that is gone, Our unskillful thinking and  behavior goes; next desire ceases, selfishness ends, and all misery disappears.

We show the seekers the exact unique ways and practices that we bring into our daily habits which will empower one soul to live and breathe to ones fullest potential through out ones existence in this realm.

We acquire these daily habits through meditation ( each will be unique as the practitioner ), Discussion , Healing And more...

This is an over all Course which will introduce you to the ways of living ( Frequency ) , feeling ( Energy ) and manifesting ( Vibration ) your true nature remaining in sync with the cosmic consciousness.

Arise! Awake! and stop not till the goal is reached. 


Lastly, We Leave you with a very deep paragraph from the Hindu Upanishads ...

The Self that is within all."

"You cannot see That which is the Seer of seeing;

You cannot hear That which is the Hearer of hearing;

You cannot think of That which is the Thinker of thought;

You cannot know That which is the Know er of knowledge.

This is your Self, that is within all; everything else but This is perishable." (Br. Up. 3.4.2)