Our Story – USmeditate

Our Story

The purchase of our product is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between us and our customer. 

     I am Deepesh Khati , The Founder Of Usmeditate. I was fortunate to be  born in  Kathmandu, Nepal ,where Siddharth Gautam Buddha once walked. Personally, I am Trying to bring Authenticity in this realm of Spiritual, Meditation and Yoga Products. The products that is suppose to Uplift, Re-energize a soul and aid ONE in their journey is being degraded for profits.
Usmeditate is my sincere effort to aid the western Yogis, Yoginis and Spiritual Seekers with our Organic and Spiritual Products from Heart of Nepal. We will slowly transition from a portion of website dedicated to Authentic Himalayan Products to the entire store .
        I and entire Usmeditate Family believes in Energy, Frequency And Vibration governs this Universe.We are here especially and specifically to provide our service to our customers through our  products that is made from ancient knowledge that is still being practiced and passed down from Generation to Generation.
          The Knowledge and Energy can be passed and gifted but never be copied
~For The Seekers, By the Seekers , To the Seekers
Aum Shanti